Lincoln alumna makes her mark in family law


For Lincoln alumna Sarah Snow, LL.B (Hons) Law, 2004 her graduation was the start of an exciting journey into the legal profession.

After building the foundations of her career here at Lincoln, Sarah went to study for her Legal Practice Course (LPC) in Manchester and since qualifying in 2008 she has specialised in family law. Sarah currently works for the UK’s largest specialist family law firm - Stowe Family Law.

Sarah’s career has seen her deal with a variety of different cases. These include complex financial matters, cohabitation disputes, pre and post nuptial agreements, cases with an international element, applications for removal of children from the jurisdiction and child abduction.

Since a very early age Sarah has had a keen interest in the law and the affect it has on almost all aspects of life. 



“Whilst there are many obvious inducements that draw you to the profession, such as prestige and financial motivations, there are other factors which are many levels more fulfilling. As a Solicitor practising in matrimonial matters, there is a real sense of helping people and even at LLB stage I had decided that family law was the area I hoped to specialise in for that very reason,” said Sarah.

Sarah finds so many different aspects of her job satisfying, in particular the human aspect which forms such a significant part of the that work she does.

“I appreciate the intellectual challenge of being a solicitor, particularly navigating the evolving system, keeping up to date with changes in case law and researching complex legal issues. Most importantly however, I enjoy the human connection to the job, particularly in a practice area such a matrimonial law.”

Sarah was keen to emphasise the positive impact that her time at the University has had on both her personal and professional life.

“My time at The University of Lincoln not only created some of my fondest memories but also many extremely dear friends who I am still very close to over 10 years later. The University of Lincoln is a special place with a fantastic environment for creativity, learning and forming close bonds with friends you will most likely have for the rest of your life.”

Sarah was also happy to share her advice for current and prospective law students. 

“Think very carefully before entering the profession, whilst it is an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding career, it is not an easy road to qualification. The costs of training are extremely high and the competition for training contracts is fierce. However, the tenacity involved in securing your way to qualification will almost certainly stand you in good stead for a career that requires just that!”





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