London calling for 2015 Media Production graduate


When Rosie Turner, BA (Hons) Media Production, 2015, came to the University of Lincoln, she was looking for a varied, hands-on course that was going to allow her to try out a number of media practices before making the decision to specialise. After three years of hard work it's a decision that has paid off, and Rosie has now successfully launched her career in production.  

“The moment I realised I wanted to work in Television was when I stepped into the TV Studio! When it really dawned on me all of the possibilities for production and the excitement to create content,” said Rosie.

“I am so glad of this (the variety on her course) because what I had in mind when I started university for careers was completely different by the time I’d left, but I managed to pick up skills in all aspects of production during my degree.”

Rosie currently works as an Assistant Producer with Social Life, a social media agency based in London. As a start-up business, Rosie’s role involves a bit of everything. 


“My average week will consist of meetings with clients, developing social media strategies, video editing, photography, planning the filming of gigs with our music clients, organising schedules for the press launches of TV shows and booking locations for events!” said Rosie.

“Highlights of the job so far have been attending a premiere as a photographer and community manager for new CBBC show Danger Mouse at a swanky hotel in London and project managing a big event in Los Angeles for Red Bull, working with a music client to promote her new track in a range of locations across the city.”

In her spare time Rosie also makes the most of any opportunities to embrace her other passion – presenting. Between graduating and taking on her current job, Rosie volunteered at Hoxton Radio in East London as a reporter. 

“I loved it so much that I decided to apply for a ‘Step into Presenting’ course with Bauer Academy and spent a weekend in the Magic Radio studio recording links. I now have a professional voice reel and I am going back in a couple of weeks to sit in on a Magic breakfast show!”

Rosie was keen to acknowledge how the University has helped her to reach the position she is now in, in particular the amount of practical experience that her degree gave her. The University also helped her to develop a better understanding of her long term career aims, and the time to realise where her interests lie.

“The main thing that Lincoln has helped me to achieve is hands on knowledge and the confidence to do things! I was always pushed in the right direction to try new ways of thinking through problems and using software to its maximum potential. 

“When you’ve just left college or further education a lot of people will not know for sure what area that they want to get into. Allowing myself a couple of years to practice my skills in a number of different fields made me realise what areas I was good at both academically and personally,” said Rosie.




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Story credits: Adam Toyne

November 2015

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