Planting the entrepreneurial seed: Lincoln graduate cultivates entrepreneurship in Pakistan


When University of Lincoln alumnus Faraz Khan, MBA Marketing, 2007, came to the University from Pakistan in 2006, he was able to develop the skills needed to pave the way for him to achieve his dream of social entrepreneurship.

Five years after graduating, Faraz and his partner, Khusro Ansari, set up SEED – Social, Entrepreneurial and Equity Development - a platform for Pakistan’s aspiring entrepreneurs to gain the funding, support and training they need.

A growing business; SEED is currently developing training programmes and curriculums that help develop the business acumen of grass-root level entrepreneurs in the urban, semi urban and rural areas of Pakistan.




I already had the entrepreneurial germs in my system, but needed the right kind of environment and circumstances to help cultivate those germs,” says Faraz

“It was during my academic years that I slowly began to decide what kind of entrepreneur I really wanted to become.”

During his time in Lincoln, Faraz felt inspired by the University’s education system and teaching methodologies, and was motivated by the room he was given to experiment with his potential; giving him the opportunity to grow into the entrepreneur he is today.

“The most inspiring part of my degree was the advanced knowledge culture,” says Faraz.

“They focus on developing wisdom and excellence: the objective is to help students sharpen their acumen through the practical application of what they learn during their academic years.

“I did not see a difference between the faculty and the student body, which was amazing because it creates room for creative and critical thinking. The objective was not to create an army of blind followers, but to create leaders.”

As well as his determination, business acumen and the acknowledgment of his degree as part of his entrepreneurial success, Faraz also credits his university experience as a whole.

“I realised that when one graduates, it is not just a degree that you walk away with; it is a whole package – your interactions, your academic experience and the insights you gain into your own personality.”  

To find out more about SEED’s developments, click here.

Quotes from Education UK – read full interview here.



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Story credits: Isabel Laycock 

April 2015





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