Postgraduate enjoying dream role with oil and gas consultancy


When Ekaterina Mamonova, MSc Marketing, 2014 came to the University to begin her postgraduate course, she was looking to build upon her undergraduate degree and go further into the analytical and research side of marketing. 

Ekaterina completed a BSc Marketing degree with a higher distinction at the National Research University Higher School of Economics in Russia, and had been working as a market researcher and analyst during her studies.

“During my final year I’ve realised that I wanted to go further in that direction. I wanted to focus more on the research methods, analytics and strategy as opposed to purely creative side of the industry, and after going through numerous programme descriptions at different universities, I found what I was looking for at the University of Lincoln,” said Ekaterina.


After completing her MSc here at Lincoln in 2014, Ekaterina received a job offer from Vostock Capital UK, one of the leading boutique oil and gas consultancies working with the Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) markets. 

Ekaterina works as a Conference Producer and Programme Manager, and her major responsibility is to deliver all aspects of the organisation’s conference and training programme. Ekaterina feels that being the right person at the right time was vital in landing her the dream job.

“I personally think that the right timing was essential – I’d started applying for different positions in the market research sector six months before my actual graduation date, so I already knew what to expect from the labour market.

“In my case, the most demanding task was to get the visa sponsorship, but for my position my perfect knowledge of Russian and experience of working with the governmental sector was essential. I’ve ended up being a member of an ambitious team working on large-scale oil and gas projects.”

When reflecting on how her degree here at Lincoln has helped her to achieve her success, Ekaterina was keen to highlight how the project work at the University helped prepare her for her current role.

"My job requires great analytical skills and I have to deal with large amounts of all sorts of data – text, figures, forecasting, etc. All those projects that I’ve completed during my studies at the University – both group and individual – helped me a lot.

“At the same time, I have to constantly interact with people - vendors, governmental officials, heads and leading specialists of the leading oil and gas companies in Russia and the CIS, journalists and media-partners - so the great cultural diversity of the University of Lincoln formed the right basis for that position.”

The University of Lincoln has left an enduring impression on Ekaterina, with fantastic memories and a number of lasting friendships.

“Each and every day was awesome! We were spending lots of time with my classmates outside the campus visiting shows and theatres, clubs and gigs, travelling around or doing scenic bike routes. These memories are precious and I am truly happy to have these awesome friends all around the world now.”



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Story credits: Adam Toyne

December 2015

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