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Finding love at Lincoln

University is more than just a place you go to get a degree. Each year, thousands of graduates don their gowns and mortar boards and prepare to leave their studies behind having gained invaluable life experience, an army of friends and, in many cases, having met their partner for life. 

A recent survey* revealed that almost a quarter of UK couples got together at university, and a third of couples who graduated together went on to marry their university boyfriend or girlfriend. 

At the University of Lincoln, we know many of our students form friends for life – and romance frequently blossoms too… As we launch our Friends for Life campaign, we celebrate some of the stories of our alumni who 


Michelle & Matt Buckley

When Matt turned down Michelle’s request for a Valentine’s Day date a few months after they met, a blossoming romance could have been over before it started.

However, 11 years later the Lincoln graduates are happily married and are proof that Valentine’s Day disappointment doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the road. 

The couple met in 2003 when Michelle came to the University of Lincoln and enrolled on the second year of the Psychology programme, having begun her studies in Scotland. With Matt on the same course, they met through mutual friends and bonded over games of pool in the student bar on campus.

Michelle took the plunge in February 2004 and asked Matt for a Valentine’s Day date; however her initial approach was rebuffed when Matt unchivalrously turned her down! Despite this initial rejection, Matt did eventually see the error of his ways and plucked up the courage to ask out Michelle while partying at a friend’s wedding a few months later. 


They were together throughout their final year at Lincoln, graduated in 2005 and became Mr and Mrs Buckley in September 2014, when Matt’s Valentine’s Day snub cropped up in his groom’s speech. 

Now they live in York – Michelle is an information analyst at a finance company and Matt is a software test analyst. Michelle said: “We spent most of the first year of our relationship sat in the Psychology labs writing assignments and our dissertations, punctuated with typical student nights out.

After we finished university we moved to York where I did a PGCE and my husband began his career in software testing. “We bought our first house together in 2011, got engaged in Barcelona in 2013 and got married last September.

 All thanks to the University of Lincoln! “It's lovely to have those shared memories of our time at university and even now, 11 years on, we still have lots of conversations that start ‘remember at uni when...’!”

Lucy & Jake Flint

Lucy and Jake Flint met on their first day at the University of Lincoln when they moved into the same halls of residence. For Jake it was love at first sight, and he even got the blessing of Lucy’s mum after their first encounter. 

The students were put in the same apartment when they first came to Lincoln in September 2006, and they were an item before Halloween the same year. After Jake graduated in Media Production and Lucy collected her degree in Forensic Science in 2009, the couple moved to London. 


Jake has worked as a video effects artist on blockbuster films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Les Miserables and Kingsman: The Secret Service, while Lucy secured a role as a DNA Analyst, later progressing to a Senior Analyst, for LGC Forensics.

The couple have now left London and have become partners in business as well as marriage, having set up Lucy Flint Design, which specialises in bespoke handmade silver jewellery.


Lucy said: “We tied the knot on 17th August last year, then after five years in London, we decided to take the plunge and leave our jobs to set up our own business hand making and selling silver jewellery! “It's a bit of a change, but with the transferable skills we learned at University, through our jobs, courses we enrolled on while in London and a bit of help from a practiced grandfather, our jewellery is selling well through our website and we are due to open our boutique shop and workshop in Melton Mowbray in the next couple of months.”


Ged & Charlotte Aspinall 

Many would agree that buying a house, getting married and having a baby are three of the most significant events to happen in a lifetime.

For Ged and Charlotte Aspinall all three happened in 2014, just a couple of years after they graduated from the University of Lincoln. The couple met on their very first day at university.

They were housed together in the same student flat and instantly became best friends. 

Ged said: “Everyone thought we’d come to uni as boyfriend and girlfriend, but we didn’t see that side in each other – we were just great friends!” 

Ged graduated from Lincoln’s Design for Museums & Exhibitions programme in 2011, after which he moved to London to work, while Charlotte graduated from Lincoln’s School of Health and Social Care.  
“In January 2014 we found out we were expecting our first child, and decided to buy a house together in Woolwich, South London,” added Ged. “Before the birth of our little girl, Aurelia, in September, we got married in Bermuda - one of my other best friends from university lives out there and we had already booked flights before we found out our baby news! My friend said they would organise the whole day for us if we wanted, which of course we did!

“It was a busy year but an incredible one. Our little family is complete...for now.”

Calling all alumni business partners...

As part of the Freinds for Life campaign we would love to hear from any alumni who met while at The University of Lincoln and have gone on to become business partners. If you would like to have your story featured by us please contact 



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*Survey conducted by (AFS) in 2012


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