A lifelong passion for journalism results in a senior role in national media

University of Lincoln journalism alumnus Dave Terris’ love for journalism began when he was just a teenager; writing match reports and producing content for football magazines.

Now, he works as an Executive Producer of Sky News Radio and is the Editor of IRN – a role he was appointed in 2013 as a result of hard work, networking and extensive work experience in radio journalism – something he began during his time at the University.

“I did a degree in journalism which covered radio, print and television, and I was actively involved in the student radio station,” says Dave. 

He went on to gain experience in BBC radio and at the Press Association before getting his first job in journalism, working on the News of the World’s sports desk at weekends.

“I also managed to get some freelance shifts at my local radio station in Essex until they finally gave in and offered me a job,” says Dave.

“A few months later, I was appointed news editor, and after a great two and a half years I joined Sky News where I’ve spent the past decade in various roles - most of them in Sky News Radio. 

"I learned skills that I still use now - the decision making process stayed with me." 

Dave’s determination to succeed resulted in him taking shifts during unsociable hours, which led to some of his most memorable experiences in his journalism career. 

He was working on Boxing Day in 2004 when the tsunami hit Indonesia, giving him the opportunity to work on the front line and play a large part in gathering all of the information that was coming in to his desk, and getting it out on the air. 

Besides work experience and determination, Dave also credits networking for boosting his career.

As well as interviewing political figures such as David Cameron and Nigel Farage, he has interviewed influential people in the sporting world, such as former Queens Park Rangers manager, Harry Redknapp. Dave even got a lift home with Harry, who exchanged valuable professional advice with him. 

On 11th February 2015, Dave attended the University of Lincoln’s annual Journalism and PR Alumni Conference to share his own tips with students eager to start a career in journalism and public relations. After giving a keynote presentation and taking part in a question and answer panel, Dave concluded/summarised his speech by telling students: “be honest, get work experience, be prepared to do antisocial shifts, and enjoy yourself."

For more information and key quotes from the Journalism and PR Alumni Conference, visit http://lsjalumni14.blogs.lincoln.ac.uk or view the live Twitter feed from the event by searching for the hashtag #LSJalumni2015. 





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Story credits: Isabel Laycock

February 2015

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