Computer Science graduate develops his hobby into a career


Lincoln alumnus Ben Trott, BSc (Hons) Computer Science, 2011, always had a keen interest in technology and computers. After graduating in 2011, Ben has now developed this interest into a successful professional career.

Ben currently works as a Web Developer at SteamDesk, a Lincolnshire-based development firm. 

In this role, Ben develops bespoke web applications and solutions for a wide variety of clients.

SteamDesk’s clients include United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, The British Psychological Society and Rotary. 

“My work ranges from simple WordPress blogs to large e-commerce sites. The nature of the company means I'm involved throughout a project's lifecycle. This means I'm involved in everything from interacting with clients and building specifications, the actual implementation and development of a project, right through to the final testing and deployment of the project,” said Ben.


Ben was keen to acknowledge how his time here at the University provided him with a range of skills and exciting opportunities that have allowed him to successfully launch his career.

“Studying at Lincoln gave me a great environment in which to develop my interest in computers into real-world professional skills. The course provided me with useful transferable skills that I put into practice every day at work, and overall it has provided me with a strong foundation to continue to build up my skills. In addition, my current job is the result of a Partnership in Knowledge Transfer (PiKT) scheme offered by the University, which I was recommended for by one of my lecturers.

The PiKT scheme is a business support program that aims to bring together small to medium-sized enterprises and university graduates. The program offers small and medium-sized businesses subsidised, and flexible access to graduates and, in turn, aims to give graduates a stepping-stone into industry, something that has proven extremely useful in launching Ben’s career.

Some of the highlights of Ben’s time studying Computer Science here at Lincoln included opportunities to get involved in important group project work and some of the exciting robotics work completed during his third year.

“I enjoyed working on a real-world development project with other students on my course. I also enjoyed the robotics module as it gave me an opportunity to use the skills that I had learned over the course and apply them in a different way. Our class was tasked with programming robots to play football together.

Ben says that his lasting memories of his time here at the University will always be the variety of opportunities and the range of support that he was offered, and he is happy to recommend the Computer Science programme for the opportunity it has given him.

“I think the course I did would be a great choice for anyone interested in the tech industry as it gives you a good understanding of all the different disciplines and provides plenty of opportunities to use your skills practically.”






March 2016



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