The Long Ride Home – University of Lincoln graduate embarks on the journey of a lifetime


When University of Lincoln alumnus Nathan Millward BA (Hons) Management, 2003 decided to travel to Australia, he had no idea his return journey would entail a life-changing adventure on just two wheels.

Nathan, who first travelled to Australia in 2006 to pursue a role at a car magazine, returned to the country in 2008 on a tourist visa. Nine months later, with an expired visa, no plan and nothing waiting for him back home, he decided to buy an Australian postal bike and embark on a nine-month-long road trip from Sydney to the UK.

After three days of planning, Nathan set off on a 23,000 mile journey that took him through 18 countries and over a number of obstacles.


 “First you have to figure out a way out of Australia, then once in Indonesia you have to work out a way of getting across the islands, then across the Strait of Malacca to Malaysia,” Nathan explains on his website, which details his journey.

“Burma also presents a problem. Overcome that and you're in India and Nepal. From there onwards you're in a bit of a trap. Visas for Pakistan are hard to come by, visas for Iran even harder than that.

“This can force you to get creative, as I had to be, finding alternative routes which might send you thousands of miles out of your way, and over mountains to get there, but it's these diversions and distractions that make an adventure.”

Half-way through his trip, Nathan received a call from Harper Collins Australia, who were interested in publishing a book about his adventure after seeing an article he had written for the Sydney Morning Herald.

'It was a tough experience,' Nathan explains. 'I'd never written a book before but had always enjoyed the challenge of trying to put thoughts into words when at University writing assignments. I just saw the book as one big assignment and broke it down into chunks'

Driven by his experience, Nathan decided to get back on his bike and take another road trip - this time across America; beginning in New York and ending in Alaska, writing another book about that adventure, before returning to the UK to pursue a career as a freelance motorcycle journalist. 

“Going to the University of Lincoln certainly opened my mind to new opportunities,” says Nathan. "I'd never met people of different cultures and countries before I went. It opened my eyes to things and from there I started to travel. The Management course was also great at getting me to challenge everything I knew about the world and to look at things from a different perspective. It's also allowed me to turn my passion into a career and make a living out of travel." 

You can discover more about Nathan’s adventures by visiting his website.  You can also purchase Nathan’s books, which are now available to purchase on Amazon.





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Story credits: Isabel Laycock

June 2015

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