Meet the radio presenter broadcasting from red carpets to beaches

Park (Media Production 2006) 

When graduate Jennie Park first embarked on her degree, she had dreams of becoming a television presenter. However, after starting her Media Production course at Lincoln she found a passion for radio which eventually led to her getting a job Palm 105.5 FM.

Jennie is a producer and presenter for Palm’s evening shows and is usually on air from seven till midnight. She never works to a standard schedule but, this is something Jennie loves about the industry.
She says: “As with the majority of media the great thing about my job is that there is not a typical day.
   Jennie Park 

“The basics of my show are planned daily with up to date information and news from that day, but I can be broadcasting live from a beach in St Lucia one day to a red carpet broadcast in London the next.

“It is fast paced and you have to be adaptable as everything is truly live and can change in seconds.”

Jennie believes that in order to get anywhere in media, work experience and a hard working ethic is essential. This is something she considers to have honed whilst studying at Lincoln.

“It’s not always easy to find the time whilst doing the course and enjoying university life but I truly believe the additional experience I gained as well as the strong practical skills and confidence I developed on the course put me ahead of my competition.”

Forging a career in the media industry can be hard in what is usually seen as dog eat dog environment. Jennie feels that staying determined and utilizing your connections is key to getting to the top.

“The media industry is very accessible if you are willing to work hard to get to where you want to – if you are able to recognise the people who can help you, from lectures to other students this will really help you to develop yourself once you have graduated.

“The industry is small in terms of people who know other people who can help you so never forget where you came from and who helped you get there!”



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