Hollywood beckons for Lincoln graduate


As Despicable Me 2 continues to wow cinema goers this summer, one Lincoln graduate can take pride in his role in bringing the animated blockbuster to the big screen.

Alec Albury (Media Production, 2012) landed his dream job as a trainee assistant editor at Universal Pictures and now spends his days working on some of the biggest film releases.

He said: “My job deals mainly with unreleased feature films, a lot of it to do with distribution. Films, trailers, rushes, TV spots, sizzle reels etc all come in from LA to the London dubroom which is where I work. Jobs come in throughout the course of the day asking us to do all sorts of different things with footage, whether it be to cut it, send it somewhere, duplicate it, convert it etc.”

Alec advises that getting somewhere in the film industry involves a lot of effort and disappointments at first and he has done his fair share of working as a runner (usually being required to do the menial jobs others don’t want to do). There is a bright side to running, he says, as he met lots of useful contacts and “essentially running is a waiting list to get somewhere else.”

But his degree has stood him in good stead for a successful and exciting career in film, having first ignited his interest in post production as well as giving him the skills and confidence to succeed.

“I developed a lot more confidence from studying at Lincoln. Meeting lots of new people, learning to trust and work with these people and eventually making long-term friendships and partners to work with in future was a key aspect to my time at University and it is still growing,” he said.

“Lincoln showed me the world I wanted to enter, allowed me to choose which aspect I preferred, and then developed those skills into a professional standard. With those skills I took part in projects outside of University to develop my CV and skills, learning how to use new equipment and different tricks in the edit suite. With all of this, I was ready to enter the ‘real world’.”

Despicable Me 2 is in cinemas across the UK now.



August 2013

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