Architecture graduate to write a book about the health implications of toxic chemicals in the home.

Helen Alexander, who graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2011, has started her own company, “Earth’s Little Keepers" and is now conducting market research for a brand new project.

When made redundant last year, Helen decided to take the opportunity to bring to life an idea she had been refining for some time, and start her own company.

Earth’s Little Keepers is a one planet living lifestyle consultancy, with the aim to help people live a more sustainable, simple, healthy life and to use fewer resources in the process.

Helen’s idea was born after she experienced a collapsed lung back in 2005. After various tests the cause was put down to pollution and general lifestyle conditions. Since then, she has had to avoid anything that could be offensive to her nose or irritating to her airways. This over time has developed further to encompass everything that she puts onto her skin or ingests through her mouth.

She said, “Whilst I have these two routes of entry under control I have little or no control over the transit through my airways. The main way I do control what I am breathing is in my own home where I minimise the use of chemicals. However, I now want to take this further. I undertook my Architecture training to enable me to better understand the way buildings are designed and built and I now want to use this coupled with my research to build the consultancy”

Helen now plans to write a book about the health implications of toxic chemicals in the home. This process will involve getting herself tested to see what chemicals are present in her system, followed by a sustainable refurbishment of her home to make it toxic chemical free.  She then plans that both herself and the house will be tested on a regular basis to see if this can be used as a model to live a healthier life. Everything in the house would be proven to be toxic chemical free as far as is humanly possible from the building materials right down to the cushions on the sofa.

She is now looking for as much help as possible including advice, thoughts, feedback, an investor with the same passions, a lab to do the testing and as many people to take part in her survey as possible!

To be a part of Helen’s next project, you can complete her survey here:

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April 2013

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