Planning a reunion


If you are thinking of organising a reunion then we’d love to hear about it – we can even help you with the planning, invitations and publicity – just email or call 01522 835858 for more information.

In the meantime here are a few things you might like to consider when planning your reunion: 

Guest List

Think about who the event is for. Do you want to invite people from your graduating year or would you like to invite any graduates from your course or school/faculty? You can even extend the invitation to all members of the Alumni Network and the Alumni Office can help you send out invitations and contact classmates. You may also want to consider whether you want to invite partners and families as well.


Picking a location can often be tricky – think about whether you want a central place that everyone can get to or perhaps come back to Lincoln. Organising an event in a location that you’re familiar with is often a good idea as you will already know the best locations and facilities available.

Picking a date

We recommend that you start planning for your event at least six months in advance and invitations should be sent no later than three months before. Pick a date when most people are likely to be available, remember that some people may have long journeys to make so a weekend or bank holiday would work well. Will it be a daytime or evening event and how long will it last? Once you’ve picked a date do a bit of research and make sure there’s nothing going on that might stop people attending or make it difficult to get there e.g. sporting events or major rail or roadworks.

Type of event

Do you want it to be an informal gathering or are you planning something on a larger scale? Think about what type of venue you’re going to use – will you be providing catering and if alcohol will be available you may need to get permission to serve it depending on the venue. If you’re thinking of returning to Lincoln we can provide campus tours and local information to help you plan your event.


What is your budget for this event? Are you going to charge for tickets and if so how much? Remember that some people will also have travel and accommodation expenses to cover and charging too much will put people off. Will food and drink be included in the ticket price, if not will it be available and how much will it cost to guests?


How are you going to advertise your event? The Alumni Office have many ways to get in touch with our graduates and we can advertise your event on our website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn sites.

Remember to take photos and update us after so we can follow up on your success. 

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