Faced with the prospect of leaving the RAF and having made his own films since 1992, Daz Scales decided to apply for the Media Production course at the University of Lincoln to gain some formal recognition for his filmmaking experience. In 2008, Daz passed his Masters degree with flying colours - gaining a Distinction.  

Daz established Backyard Productions in 1992 as a low budget alternative to making films on an almost industrial scale, using ordinary people with different skills-sets.

He said: “Anyone can make a movie, it sometimes just needs a little guidance and determination and this is where Backyard Productions comes in.”

 Backyard Productions has gone from strength to strength since its conception in 1992 and now has 11 Executive Producers and volunteers from the UK and across the world. Past films have included parodies of major films such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones but more recently the team have produced concept films such as “Cinders” - a twist of fairy-tale and reality. Following the success of recent films, the team were lucky enough to shoot Cinders at Pinewood Studios, The London Film Museum and Sundown Adventureland.

 Daz explained: “All of our feature length movies have had a premiere. Best of all, they are charity events where all of the money raised on the night is donated to great causes such as NSPCC, UNICEF and local communities (through the RAF Station Charities Board). Our Star Wars premiere was also featured on ITV News

 From Star Wars - The Emperor’s New Clones to The Drift (the newest project) each film begins as a spark of enthusiasm and from conception to completion films can typically take around 18 months to make, but the team have enjoyed many achievements.

 Daz said: “There have been many highlights for us - from appearing on Channel 4's Richard and Judy to filming at Pinewood Studios. I think the biggest highlight though is the ongoing theme of introducing people of all ages to filmmaking and, coupled with industry contacts, making something bigger than the sum of our own abilities.”

Gaining a Masters degree has enabled Daz to produce films in line with industry requirements and has helped his career in filmmaking.

 “The Masters got me thinking about media ethics, law and copyright as well as picking up the tricks of the trade. Best of all, the University's networking capabilities put me in touch with some great contacts in London and LA, who have helped us in subsequent productions” he said.

“Talk is cheap, make movies - don't dream it, do it. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Get out there and make something - anything! Then make another. Learn from it, network from it, Then do it all over again!” he concludes.  

Daz is currently producing video diaries which detail the production process as well as hints and tips on how to make films with little money. These can be viewed here: http://lncn.eu/bcd5

The films can be viewed on You Tube and Vimeo and can be downloaded for free on the Backyard Productions website: http://www.backyardproductions.co.uk/ 

Backyard Productions are looking for crew and CGI artists to help with their current production: “The Drift” Anyone interested should contact Daz at daz@bypuk.com 









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