University of Lincoln 2007 graduate Tim Goodson recently embarked on a thrilling thirty day trek around India raising money for Action Village India. The former Social Science student used a rickshaw as a method of transport while he, his friend and his older brother travelled 8500km around some of India’s most famous cities including Mumbai, New Delhi and Calcutta.

The reality of the trip was encouraged by Tim’s good nature and the ability to help a country in need. Tim said; “The inspiration was a mix of wanting to overcome inertia and a will to help out a country where the poor are truly poor.”

The charity chosen - Action Village India - aims to improve the standard of living for the poorest as well as promote access to basic services like water and education amongst other things.  

The rickshaw enabled the group to coerce and experience the elements of life in India. Tim elaborates: “The rickshaw meant that we were exposed to India in all its amazing diversity and that India was exposed to us.”

Whilst in India, the trio were met with harrowing sites of starvation and deprivation but were given rooms from people they had known for very little and were fed by people that could barely feed themselves.  

Tim said; “India is without doubt incredible. Men who were cracking rocks in the desert made time to smile at us, smiles from children digging in junk yards for food.”

The trio eventually departed India and their rickshaw – which survived despite needing to be repaired 31 times in 29 days – and Tim headed to South East Asia with the intention of continuing on to Australia.

A blog is available; depicting the high times and the low times of the trip with interesting photographs at Tim is currently in the process of documenting the trip in a book.

Tim advises; “Do something amazing, your degree is gold around the world!”

We wish him all the best!





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