Unique painting style leads to success for Lincoln graduate 

For Lincoln graduate Edward Waite, BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2010, coming to study at the University of Lincoln was an ideal opportunity for him to pursue his passion for art.“Art was always my favourite subject at school, it was what I excelled in and was always known as the class artist,” said Edward. “I always knew I wanted to do something creative.”

Edward Waite painting in his studio   Edward Waite Art

"One of the highlights of the course at Lincoln was the freedom to be able to be creative for the three year duration. This is a huge benefit for anyone looking to do a degree in the arts. It’s like you are living the life of an artist as you are constantly self-developing.

“I love the city of Lincoln and the fact the University is really growing. It’s a relaxing place to be and everything is close by.”

Following University, Edward travelled around the world for two years visiting South America, Australia and Asia. He used the money from selling his entire end of year collection. These paintings focussed on Lincoln scenes and were constructed of black and white paint layers to reflect the city’s gothic architecture.

It was during Edward’s field trip to New York that he discovered his unique style of layering paintings with 3D embellishments.

Edward explained: “I was sketching in a New York diner and squirted some ketchup out of a sauce bottle on the table. I thought I’d try the same thing with paint when I got home. That’s the whole beauty of art – I was in the creative mindset and my mind was whirring. The course at Lincoln offers you the chance to develop your self-learning with the right amount of space and direction.

“I tend to paint the city I am in at the time. I like to interpret these different places in my artwork and let it develop from there. I found my style during my third year at University.”

Following his travels, Edward wanted to return to Lincoln as it held fond memories for him. 

He set up a picture framing business, building a strong client base, but at the end of 2013 decided to set up a studio at The Terrace in Lincoln. He now employs fellow alumna Amy Hood, BA (Hons) Fashion, 2011, who works with Edward assisting with marketing, social media and arranging shows.

Initially Edward created a collection of 15 paintings, contacted an art agent and found a publishing company.

“Buckingham Fine Art publishing company saw my raw artwork and pushed me out there,” said Edward.

It takes Edward about a month to finish a painting, due to the many different stages of the process. But he can be working on between five and 25 paintings at any one time.

He said: “This style has become my trademark. In terms of the way I create the 3D embellishments it is unique. I’ve been able to push myself out there. It looks free flowing but is actually quite difficult. I’ve been working on this style for nearly seven years now.

Edward carries out art free art workshops at schools across Lincolnshire and beyond and is passionate about inspiring children to pursue art as a career, showing them it is possible to set up as an independent artist.

He has exhibited all over the UK, including London, Glasgow, Brighton, Plymouth and Chiswick (7-14 April). Edward has two major shows a year, the next one being his Gilded Collection in Brighton.Another exhibition is to be held in London later this year, entitled ‘Through the Seasons’, using distinctive colour palettes to establish themes.

Edward will be producing a unique set of Lincoln prints for an exhibition at the city’s The Little Red Gallery from July 23, 2016.

To find out more about Edward and his artwork visit www.edwardwaite.com 




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